First Meeting of Friends of the Ganges Field group.

 Admin    25 Feb 2018 : 19:00


A big thank you to everyone involved for today.

A big thank you to everyone involved for today. If you were unable to make it then details of the next meeting will be made available by Phil Stockton very soon. We will be forming a committee when we next meet. This is a vital part of the set up. We will be requiring a Chairman, secretary and a treasurer which will be named at our next formal meeting in two weeks.

We heard lots of positive things that can happen today and everyone who wants to be involved are more than welcome. We even have a meeting hall that we have been welcomed to use on Sunday’s

There is a friends of Brynmill park all ready in place and details of how they operate shall be posted here soon so keep an eye out.

The ultimate aim here is for us to make sure the Ganges remains an open space and today has been the first step forward in an exciting journey for everyone who wants to be involved. For years we have been attacked with planning applications and each time we have won. Now this is our chance to stand up to the threat and by working together we can achieve what we want.

I can confirm our next meeting will be 10:30 Sunday 11th March at the same place. If anyone had problems locating please let us know and we can help.

Emails will also be sent to those who don’t use this group

If you are unable to make the next meeting then its no problem. We are all in this together and all shall be updated. Im sure we will have plenty of gatherings this year and going forward.

Until then I look forward to meeting up with you all soon and building even stronger relations.

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