AGM 2019

 MikeyGMT    20 May 2019 : 14:00
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AGM 2019

We had an interesting AGM on Sunday - thanks to all those who were able to attend. Officers were re-elected unopposed - and a new committee established. Thanks to those who put themselves forward.

Reflecting on the last year I think much was achieved in a relatively short space of time - tree planting, group picnic, wildflowers, daffodil bulbs and anti-motorbike gate. None of this would have been possible without your support - without people giving up their time for the good of the wider community - and it makes a real difference.

There was an amazing display of daffodils on the Ganges this spring because of the efforts of volunteers in the cold and damp of last November- appreciated by all who came to the field. But we need more help. Our next task is to plant wildflowers seeds - which we will supply - but we need help to sow them and look after them, We'll have a date for this soon.

On that day we'll arrange a meeting to discuss plans for the coming year. What would you like to see happen on the field? A litter pick? A fitness club? A picnic? Benches? Let us know!

Together we continue to make the Ganges a place to be enjoyed and sustained.

Thank you.


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